There are a few ways we are different:

  1. We source directly from food producers and farms, cutting out any middle men
  2. We use an innovative logistics model to get products to customers faster and fresher than other suppliers
  3. We are tech-driven, half of our staff is part of the technology team, and we are building best-in-class tools to support our customers
  4. We have a very proactive customer service team, which reacts quickly to changes in requirements and to resolve issues

We own our supply chain and logistics and we take title of products at the source and handle all deliveries from the producer through to the customer. We will do the work of a typical procurement consultancy but we will do it free of charge. We only ask that, in return, you provide fair feedback on the products and the service, and – if you like the samples you receive – you start to buy through us from our producer partners, who work really hard to meet your requirements.

The process we typically run through is as follows:

  1. We will spend some time understanding your operation and food preferences
  2. We will work with you to gather all your specific product requirements
  3. Our team will research the best options to fit these product requirements from within our extensive network
  4. We will present these options back to you and have a discussion around particular features, such as price or provenance
  5. You will select samples of the products you believe will fit the bill
  6. Once sampled and happy, we will work together to finalise a trading agreement for the selected products
  7. Once signed off, we will start delivering to your required locations!

We specialise in sourcing proteins (meat, seafood, and plant-based). In each of these categories, we have a wide range of products available from within our network of producers. For customers that are trading with us on these lines, we can potentially source other products such as dairy, eggs and beverages, to try and help you consolidate your basket as much as possible.

We only work with food producers who produce, process, rear or grow their own products, or add value to products from other producers. We also look for producers who demonstrate a desire to produce quality products (always with external validation and certification).

No. The price you receive from us is the final price agreed and takes into account your specified delivery requirements and volumes.

Tonnes of fresh products arrive every day at our consolidation hubs, located in key areas where we operate. From there, we go through quality and temperature controls and prepare your orders. A portion of the orders will then be delivered via our PODs (Points of Distribution), with last mile delivery partners fulfilling the final stretch of the delivery; the remainder will be delivered in a consolidated way.

We will always consult with you first to understand your delivery requirements (e.g. delivery window, access instructions, if / how you want us to place products in your fridge). We know how much a late delivery or picking mistakes can impact your operations. We make sure our back-end operations are in place for you to receive your products when and where you need them.